Can’t See [Part Two]

A little over a year ago I found out I needed glasses. I had no idea I couldn’t see. In fact, I only scheduled my eye exam cause my daughter had been complaining she couldn’t see the board in class. I found out that adding one person in the family to our eye plan was the same price as adding the whole family. 

We scheduled an exam for her, I brought her. When I was checking out, I found out it only cost $10 for an eye exam with our insurance. So I scheduled one for me. They asked if I had been having problems. I told them I had not but that my eyes hadn’t been checked since high school. Now that I was paying to be on the policy, I wanted to get my money out of it.

I showed up the day of my exam. Filled out the paperwork. Had a similar conversation about not having problems. They did some sort of test with a machine and took me to the room for the exam. You know the drill. Cover your other eye and tell me what letters you see. I confidently called out the first group of letters with no problems. Switched to the next set letters. They were a little smaller. To my surprise I couldn’t read them.

She checked me with all the lenses. Explained that I had a stigmatism. That this is what caused my apparent blurred vision.

A few weeks later my glasses arrived. It was the second day of our Parish Mission. That night at the mission, I sat three pews back. At one point I would take my glasses off and look at the speaker. I’d put my glasses back on and look at him again. I repeated this over and over. My wife looked over and asked what I was doing. “I didn’t know I was supposed to be able to make out the details in his face from this distance.”

With glasses I could see the world in a new way. Things were more detailed. It was all new to me. Who knows how long I had not been able to see. I guess it was so gradual that I never realized.

I’ve been reflecting on that over the last few weeks. God has really been reminding me that Lent is supposed to be like that eye exam. It’s meant to reveal our “defects.” Hopefully this season has been like my eye exam. The hope is that by Easter we have received our “glasses.” That we can see things clearly. See things a new way.

If that hasn’t been your Lent, fear not – let not your heart be troubled. Tomorrow is Palm Sunday. Tomorrow we begin Holy Week. Tomorrow is still Lent. There’s still time. Spend this last week allowing the Lord to show you His love. To show you His grace. To show you His mercy.

He is your glasses. It is through Him that we are made new. It is through Him that we can see.

“I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.” -C.S.Lewis

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