Begin Today

Yesterday, on my way home from  work, I passed a house that planned well. How do I know that? They were going camping this weekend. I mean, at least I assume they were since their camper was hooked up. And since it was 9 o’clock at night, my assumption is that they weren’t leaving yesterday. They were prepared to leave. Packed up. Hooked up. Ready to go.

I don’t plan well. Whether I am going on vacation, spending an afternoon at the camp or getting the kids ready for the sitter in the morning. Doesn’t matter. I always feel like it is going to go quick. That nothing will go wrong. That everything will be where it is supposed to be. But none of that ever happens. I always end up running late. If I would just slow down long enough to get things together and pack in advance.

God has been reminding me of that this Lent. Reminding me that I always wait until the last minute to do everything. If I am being honest, there’s no exception to Lent. Here we are, the end of the first full week of Lent, and I am still waiting to start. 

I mean, Ash Wednesday went well. And then I started getting “busy.” That’s my excuse. I’m too busy. I’ll pack later. I’ll start later. I’ll pray later. But later never comes.

This year I want it to be different. I don’t want to wait until later. Cause later is going to give way to Easter and Lent will be over. I want to slow down today. I want to spend time today. I want to enter into this Season today. Experience the dryness. Experience the longing. The longing for more of God. The longing to be who He created me to be. The longing to be with Him.

This is where I am today at the end of the 1st Week of Lent. Realizing that I haven’t begun well. That I’m not preparing like I should be – I’m not getting ready. But knowing that it’s still not too late to start. That I can start today. That I will start today.

If you’re like me, it’s not too late. Enter in. Start searching. Start preparing. Start getting ready. This Season of Lent is long for a reason. We need the length. It takes time to slow down enough to get ready. Let’s slow down. Let’s enter in. So that when Easter gets here, we are found ready for all it has to offer.