Last night I was rocking Lucy to sleep. After many failed attempts, Alesha handed her to me and asked if I would give it a shot. We went in the room and rocked for awhile. She was restless. Eventually I stood up and began bouncing her in my arms and humming. She was was so tired, but she kept jerking up and looking around. She just didn’t want to sleep. But eventually, her curiousness gave away to her exhaustion and she fell asleep.

Here we are, the Friday after Ash Wednesday. How’s your Lent going so far?

If I’m being honest, I feel like Lucy. I keep reaching. I keep wanting. I keep grasping. So far it has been a challenge for me to rest. To be still. To sit in the arms of the Father knowing that He knows what’s good for me.

As I rocked Lucy to sleep last night, I realized that there is so much that the Father wants for me this Lent. That all those things that keep drawing me from will reveal the areas in my life I am exhausted. The areas I am tired. The area I keep working at instead of letting Him have control over.

Like Lucy, I know this Lent, if I stay in His arms, eventually my exhaustion will give way and I will learn to rest. He will fill me. It will be His love and life that fix my brokenness. 

No matter where you are in journey so far, it’s still the beginning. We have this whole season to be with the Father. To let Him show us that He is in control. That all we have to do is “remain in Him.”