The Stuff

“But when you pray, go to your inner room, close the door, and pray to your Father in secret.” Matthew 6:8

On this eve of Lent, or as we call it in south Louisiana – Mardi Gras, I have been reflecting on the meaning of Lent and exactly what we are being invited into. My reflection kept reminding of last week. Last week I got to spend most of my time cleaning out storage rooms and reorganizing. This was an attempt to make things more functional.

As I was going through one closet in particular, our maintenance guy was with me, and I would point and ask what things were for. His response was the same, “I was told I couldn’t throw it away.” There was so much we were hanging onto that had become useless. No-one could even remember why we kept it or what it was for. Some of it was just attracting bugs. It was time to get rid of it.

Today I kept coming back to the thought of the stuff I keep in my life. The things I have been holding on to. The things that have cluttered up my life. Things I just can’t let go of. Not so much the physical stuff, although I probably need to declutter that too. It’s the emotions, the hurts, the feelings, the sins, the habits, etc. that I have stored away and not dealt with. The stuff that isn’t me even though I think it is.

It’s this stuff that God is inviting me this Lent to face, to look at, to get rid of. To invite Him into. Lent is all about cleaning out the closet of our lives, the stuff that has cluttered us all year long. This is the only way to make room for God. To become more functional. To allow ourselves to be filled with things that are important to God.

This is my hope for this Lent. How are you going to clean out the closet of your life? What is the stuff that God is inviting you to let go of? How can you make room for Him, so that come Easter, your life, my life, functions better?