Find God – Part Three

DFBB8154-D918-4573-961D-073E7413DE78If you’ve been following along, you know that we lost our dog last weekend and found her 30 plus hours later. And in part two of this series, I referenced a call from a friend of a friend on Facebook. I want to come back to that. But before I do, let’s look a BIG question that we’ve all asked. If God is so good and loving, why [fill in the blank]?

I’ve asked this question so many times in my life. More that I would care to admit in the past two months. You’ve asked this question. We all do. We doubt the Heart of God. We doubt if he is good. We doubt if he loves us.

Somtimes we even feel entitled. “God I’ve done all this stuff for you and this how you treat me.” No you’ve never asked that question, it’s just me that does. Wow, this is awkward.

But really. This is the NUMBER ONE hang up I am encountering amongst our students right now. If God is good and loving then why do I suffer? How about we step away from that question for a second. What if the question we’re supposed to be asking, is Lord, show me where you are in this?

I have a friend who lives in Texas, and she is one of the biggest prayer warriors I’ve ever met. She’s starting to get into my head with this stuff. She looks for the Lord everywhere and is always finding strangers to pray with.

So back to that call from the friend of a friend on Facebook. She was coming from Carencro and thought she spotted my dog (turns out it wasn’t her). She was apologetic for not stopping. “I’m running late to visit my mom in ICU.” Time out, no need to apologize here. Why’s your mom in ICU? She tells me. What a gift? There you are Lord, in the midst of my suffering, showing up. Inviting me to pray for this woman.

What if God’s heart isn’t bad? What if suffering just exists because we weren’t meant to be here in the first? What if in the midst of suffering we have an opportunity to find God?

In other words, while I was looking for my dog, I found my God giving me an opportunity to pray for one his children.

My friend from Texas would probably say something like, your missing dog was all about God giving you the opportunity to connect with this friend of a friend on Facebook cause she needed to experience Him.

Thank you Lord for being so good that you connect us in moments of life when we least expect it. You always provide. Help us to find you in the moments and not just focus on us.