Found Dog – Part Two

23004861_10159421926995328_2326417799825839842_oAfter spending over 30 hours looking for my dog, chasing down every lead I would receive on Facebook or by text message, I would eventually find her. I got a call from a friend of a friend on Facebook saying she might’ve seen my dog walking down University Ave in Carencro. This seemed like it could be it. The spot was not far from my house, and I was heading that way anyways.

I drove up and down University, checking the side streets, handing out flyers and I even stopped a runner and a police officer. I couldn’t find her and no-one had seen her.

I looked at the time and realized it was around 2:00 pm, and animal control allowed walk throughs if you thought your dog was there. I had looked at the website that morning and identified two possible dogs that might be Sammie.

Arriving at animal control, they took my information and had a caretaker meet me. He walked me into the kennels and I immediately saw her. In fact, when I walked through the door, she leaped up and pounced on her gate. I looked at the guy and said, “hey man, that’s my dog.” We did the paper work and I took her home.

We got home, I bathed her and decided she could sleep in the house that night. She’s not an inside dog, and really only gets to sleep in when its cold out. After a couple of hours of her being inside – fleas. In 10 years, my dog has never had fleas. She runs away and comes home infested.

Reflecting on this, I wonder how many times I end up on death row (she was in a kill shelter), about to fulfill a sentence I deserve, when the Lord has to save me again. How many times to I have to run away and be saved to learn that the Father loves me? That he’s unwilling to let me die. How many times does he have to clean me up for me realize I have it good at home? I was made to be at home.

The Lord loves us. When we run away, he won’t stop looking for us. And when He finds us flirting with death, he saves us again and brings us home. And once we’re home, infested with fleas and all sorts of other things, he cleans us and cleans the house. Our Father loves us.

I wish I could just remember that.