Why We March

This morning, while I was praying, I began to pray for the people in DC, who are marching for LIFE. I began to reflect on the world we live and the beliefs that have shaped and molded us, good and bad.

It dawned on me, really in a way that never dawned on me before, that I am alive. And if you’re reading this, so are you. Crazy right?

It hit me like a ton of bricks (I don’t know why we say that; I’ve never seen a ton of bricks much less gotten hit by one) that I had a 50/50 chance of never being born. Of never breathing my first breath. Of never meeting my parents, my wife, my kids or the many people who have shared in this journey of my life.

I was born, I guess more importantly – conceived, after Jan. 22, 1973 And because of this, my mom could’ve decided to end my life before giving birth to me and would’ve been legal. And no-one would’ve known the difference.

At least not anyone who I hadn’t met yet. Not anyone who my life hadn’t impacted. Like my friends who are who they are because I have been part of their life. Or the many teens, core members, parents, coworkers, colleagues, strangers who I pray that my life has blessed. And Alesha, who has blest me probably more than I will ever bless her, but none the less. And the world would’ve never known my kids- Jay, Cecilia and Noah. Or my grandkids, who we still haven’t met.

You see, if you were conceived after 1973, your chances of being born were just like mine – 50/50. And if you hadn’t been born, because of a court decision, the world would be very different today. There would be a void. Because we, you and I, are unique, and one of a kind and are here because God created us on purpose AND with a purpose.

So today, as thousands of our friends March in DC, thank your mom for saying YES. Cause your life HAS impacted the world you live in.

And this is WHY WE MARCH!