“Lord if it is you; command me to come to you on the water.” He said, “Come.” {Matt. 14: 28-29}

Have you ever felt like your life just didn’t make sense? Has it ever seemed like you were learning to breath and walk and live all over again? Maybe it is just me, but lately I feel like my life is foolish. And that the way I am living makes no sense. But then I am reminder that is what it usually looks like to walk with the Lord. It’s what this Sunday’s Gospel is all about.

“Peter got out of the boat and began to walk on the water toward Jesus.” {Matt 14:29} I know you’ve heard the story before. But read it again. “Peter GOT OUT of the boat and began to WALK ON THE WATER…” He wasn’t getting out the boat to swim or ski or anything like that. He got out of the boat with every intention to WALK on the water.

Now, I’ve never prided myself to be good at any of the sciences, but I’m pretty sure it is IMPOSSIBLE for people to walk on water. And I am also fairly confident that a man like Peter, who made his living as a fisherman would know that. Still he got out the boat to WALK on the water.

Why would he do it? Cause Jesus said “Come.”

And isn’t that enough?

Isn’t that the call he heard from Jesus on the shores of the Galilee (Matt. 4:9)? For Peter, all it took was Jesus to say “come.” It didn’t have to make sense. It didn’t have to look right. It didn’t have to feel right. The world didn’t have to understand.

It was enough.

My life doesn’t always make sense. I don’t always understand what the Lord is asking when He says “come.” And when I can’t see where He is or what it is He’s asking me to come to, staying in the boat makes more sense.

But I want to be like Peter. I desire to be like Peter. I want to get out of the boat. I want to stand on the water with Jesus. I don’t want to be afraid or get too comfortable in the boat. Cause life on the water is what we are made for. We are made for Jesus.

I pray that we, you and I, can all respond like Peter when the Lord says to us “Come.”

How is the Lord beckoning you to “Come?” And what are your fears in following? Invite him in to that.